Friday, December 25, 2009


This is a post where I put in a lot of my thoughts based on my experiences at work with people on and off projects. It isn't something that is unique or anything, just things that I have learnt over the years and feel that anyone new to the job might benefit from. I plan to add to this list .. all the time.

Keep your calm, at all times specially in a crisis and in front of your juniors.
Set an example for your juniors ; follow yourself what you tell them.
Keep taking feedback from your juniors and peers.. its the best way that you will learn about yourself.
Give people chances, a lot of them - Don't write them off or judge them on 1 instance.
Trust people - give them responsibility , you wont know how good or bad they are at it unless you do.
Delegate Work where you can - Don't get greedy and want to do it all can't raise your own level if you don't do this.

People in general:
Argue when you need to , not just for the heck of it each time you disagree a little.
Remain open to newer ideas , you wont grow if you're not.
Don't be scared of being wrong - in public or in only learn from this.

Your own Work Ethics:
Automate boring time taking tasks , don't be lazy- its worth the effort you put in just that once.
Reply to every personal Email - its shocking to see how few do it
In a positive environment a weak guy goes up, try and help create one
Try and get rid of negativity - as far as you can; it isn't easy but its worth trying
Live selfishly - Have a deep desire to obtain only the best around you - on merit. Don't settle for something less if you can help it
Do not delay things you can do now
Remain grateful - Remain humble - No matter how big you become -- Remember there was a time you knew nothing

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