Thursday, May 10, 2012

Market app - Android 2.2

Was doing a test on an Android app (first ever ;)) and was trying to install an app which was available on Android market. As it turns out, the emulator doesn't have the app pre-installed. So I followed instructions here. That largely works except that despite following everything the app vanishes the next time around. So after more digging I came up on this thread which provided the missing piece. I'll sum it up quickly.

--- You need to edit files on the emulator which will prevent the emulator from checking if its a valid phone or not
--- You need to upload the packages for the Market app and the GoogleServicesFramework as those are not shipped
--- You can do both of the above only if you have WRITE access to the emulator's system directory.

So far everything is covered by Varun's blog. The 1 point which he hasn't made clear is that once you've pushed all your changes to build.prop, uploaded the 2 apps mentioned above and deleted SdkSetup.apk you have to sync your changes and save the temp image in which all these changes are made.

Think of it in this way..all the changes you make are temporary and made in a file /tmp/android-. The filename starts with emulator. Once you're done making your changes save this file somewhere. Shut the emulator down. Now rename the saved file to system.img and copy it into ~/.android/avd/.avd. Now boot the emulator. It should work.

I've said nothing new frankly. If you use Varun's post and the post on the XDA forums together, you will be able to do this. However I was stuck for quite a while here, so thought a few guys would benefit by me linking the two together :)