Thursday, August 2, 2012

ASMX Webservices - XSS

I tested a few public Web services recently. 1 of them had a front end so it was easier to visualize but that apart it was quite tough, specially as numerous methods were so complex that the developers had a tough time trying to answer some of my questions.

Now assuming that the application that consumes the web services is not in testing scope, all you have is the .asmx and the .wsdl. At times, these methods might be invokable from the browser itself, via the ASMX web interface like this. Other times invoking is restricted to the local machine alone, in which case you have to use a third party client like SoapUI or write your own using a library. I wrote mine using a library called Suds (Python). Obviously, writing the client is more work and if the arguments that need to be passed are complex, it can be quite tricky.

There are 2 ways to test for SQL Injection or XSS. In my case I could invoke the methods via the browser, so that made it easier and I could find a SQL injection.

a) You can code your custom client and fuzz through that.
b) You can simply write a very simple client, with Burp set as a proxy. You can then use Burp Intruder or its inbuilt scanner to fuzz the application.

I wasn't lucky with the XSS though. The content type of the response was text/xml. I saw a few attack vectors for XSS in xml but all of them involved closing the existing XML tag but for any of them..I'd have to break out of the existing structure. And < and > were getting &lt and &gt. So unless I could do that, I couldn't see anything anywhere that would make this vulnerable to XSS.

And much like my Flash post earlier, the content type is text/xml. So unless I could find a way to get a browser to forcefully treat it as text/html, there wasn't going to be a way to do this.

A colleague said this - "...In terms of triggering XSS it will be harder unless you can convince the client to render it using an XSLT" coz that would convert the XML into HTML. But I wasn't sure how I'd go about this. And then I ran out of time :).

So here I am. You guys know of how this is possible?

Update: I posted to the list and had a few ideas here.

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