Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reverse Engineering DLLs

A DLL is usually imported by an EXE. A DLL usually has a number of functions that the EXE can usually directly use. If you want to debug an EXE in OllyDbg, all you need to do is load it in Olly and set a breakpoint on the entry point of the Exe. If you want to debug a specific DLL though, it's not that straightforward.

There's 2 ways of doing this:

a) Open the DLL in Olly. If you also have an EXE called LoadDLL.exe in the Olly directory on your hard disk, LoadDLL.exe will automatically pick up the DLL you want to analyze, load it and stop at the entry point for the DLL. This though seems to work only for Olly 1.10.

b) The other way of doing this is to tell Olly to break each time a new DLL is loaded. You can do this by going to Olly's (2.01) Options - Debugging - Events and tick the box which says 'Pause on New DLL' and OK your way out.

The next time you load an Exe which in turn loads up DLLs at runtime, Olly will break each time a new DLL is loaded. So you can keep hitting F9 (Run program) until you reach the DLL you want to debug.

Now you can debug the DLL as you would debug an EXE :)

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