Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are you sure you're clean?

I do a ton of penetration testing as a tester. I've been doing this for quite a while now - nearly a decade. I advise a ton of peers, juniors, clients, non tech users .. well pretty much anyone about how to stay safe. I know all of this. And yet.. recently I inexcusably slipped up.

One of my Virtual machines which I'd cloned to test a thick client at a client site had a few viruses on it. One of them was C:\Windows\update.exe which did not sound good in the least. Most I found in Temporary Internet Files of the Local service and Network service accounts and there was 1 more EXE file somewhere.

The malware didn't behave like how it was "supposed" to based on the description on the website. So maybe they were all benign...and I was good. But that still doesn't explain how they got on to  my disk in the first place...and what they were doing a VM which also handled customer data. The worst part was that it had probably been lying there for a while without me noticing it. Most probably some remnant of my own research..but I can't be 100% sure. In short.. it was downright dumb on my part. No excuses.

So that made me relook at my setup and I have since gone on a drive to clean it all up. I dumped all my VMs (still in progress) and created everything from scratch from the ISOs, updated them, will harden them a bit and take snapshots of the clean state.

I deleted all my malware analysis images, reversing images and will recreate them from scratch and snapshot those too. So in the end here's a list of the VMs that I will eventually have.

1) WinXP 32 bit
2) Win 7 64 bit
3) Ubuntu 32 bit
4) Ubuntu 64 bit
5) Client WinXP machine + Word + Visio
6) Linux dev environment
7) Windows 64 bit reversing
8) Linux 64 bit reversing

All of them updated, hardened (services turned off) and snapshots taken. Ideally I'd just move everything on to a separate machine..all my malware... but I don't yet have another machine. Once I get that, I'll move all my reversing to a separate machine.

Overall though - you're not immune from doing stupid things. You may know but it doesn't mean you're perfect. Hopefully this post will help all you guys who dabble in multiple technologies all the time - to serve as a reminder of what can and does ..go wrong at times.

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