Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Serverless Development

Just another post to solidify concepts in my mind. The Serverless word is often used these days in conjunction with development. All it really means is that you do not have to spend time configuring any servers. No Apache, Tomcat, MySQL. No configuration of any sort. You can just spend your time writing code (Lambda functions). Mostly anyway :)

The most common use of this philosophy is in conjunction with AWS. As in, you create a configuration file called serverless.yml that follows CloudFormation syntax. This basically means you create a config file offline with references to all the AWS resources that you think you will need (you can always add later) and then upload that file to CloudFormation.

CF then looks through the entire file and creates all those resources, policies, users, records, functions, plugins and in short whatever you mentioned there. You can now launch a client and hit the deploy URL and can invoke all the methods you wrote in your Lambda function.

There are some clear instructions on how to deploy a Hello World as well as how one can write an entire Flask application with DynamoDb state locally and then push it all online to AWS with a simple sls deploy command.

All you need to make sure is that you have serverless installed, your AWS credentials configured and access to the console (easy to verify things) and things will go very smoothly. Of course there are going to be costs to all this - so make sure you do all that research before getting seduced by this awesome technology :)

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