Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fireeye - Flare-On Challenge 3

Number 3 was another EXE file. Apart from CFF Explorer, I also load these EXEs into PEid, RDG Packer detector and Protection ID... just to get a feel of how hard it's going to be. These tools are great...but again they only compare against a signature database... so they will miss stuff too. Anyway this time...nothing was detected, all clear.

You can reverse stuff IDA or you can run it in a debugger like OllyDbg. I always prefer running things... its much quicker. And then use IDA side by side to understand the flow of I can set breakpoints in the right places. Always make sure though...that you run all this stuff inside a virtual machine :D and turn outbound connections off unless you're absolutely sure of what you're doing.

So anyway I loaded this up in OllyDbg and ran it...and it crashed with an error message. Time to Step In (F7). The function exits inside 401000. Something inside this.

401000 copies a lot of code into memory. Nothing looks like ASCII. The start address (18FD47) of this "encrypted" block is then called. This means that an entire function was moved at run-time into memory and then called. Code between 18FD57 and 18FD61 XORs memory with hex 66 (f) and obtains an ASCII string in memory "and so it begins".

So already this points to...the flag eventually being in memory. The start of another encrypted block is at 18FD78. The word "nopasaurus" is compared for some reason :) and some more math results in "get ready to get no'ped..."

Slowly going through all code gives the 3rd flag ... in one of the registers (EAX I think).

The Email address is:

Trying to run further causes a crash at 18FF47. That's why you have to Step into and not F9 :).

It's easier to just find out where the crash happened and set a break point just before that... but I just did this slowly to show how to debug things manually.

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