Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Debugging child processes - Olly 2.01h

A lot of malware creates new processes and injects the actual malicious code into the memory of that process and then runs it from there. Meaning..you could start debugging malware.exe...but then find out that it has called CreateProcess() and created a new child process boo.exe. Then it called VirtualAlloc() and allocated memory into some part of boo.exe.

The point being... malware.exe has nothing and you now need to debug boo.exe. There's a few different ways I have tried, all to varying degrees of success.

- Get PID of the Child process from Process Explorer. Then go to Olly and Attach to process.
- Set Olly as JIT debugger. Windows Task Manager. Right click - Debug
- Set Olly as JIT debugger. Set the entry point of the process to CC (a breakpoint) and run the process.
- Try and attach Immunity to the process while debugging the parent in Olly.

But none of that, for multiple reasons worked at all... or worked very sporadically. That sucked.

Luckily OllyDbg 2.01h has this new (well for me ;)) option to debug child processes created by Olly. Meaning, if I'm debugging malware.exe and it creates a new process..and you have this option checked, it'll automatically open a new window and load boo.exe into it :). Perfect.

You can find this option in Olly 2.01 (latest version) in Options - Events. Tick the box that says 'Debug child processes' and save yourself a lot of pain :).

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